Data Backup & Recovery

Data Backup & Recovery

How important is a proven disaster recovery plan? Did you know that 43 percent of companies that experience a major loss of data never reopen? And that 51 percent close within two years of the loss? Are you willing to trust the fate of your company to something with the same odds as a coin toss?

Utilizing the latest technologies available we can offer both onsite and offsite backup and replication solutions for your environment. Our onsite solution can backup your entire network infrastructure as frequently as every fifteen minutes. With the old tape backup systems you would get one backup PER DAY, and those backups were slow and put the fate of your data on to unpredictable magnetic media. Our solution provides a much more granular level of coverage. Create a file at 10:00am and then accidentally delete it a 3:00pm? With traditional tape, you’d be out-of-luck. With our solution, backing up every 15 minutes, we could restore the copy from 2:45pm, putting you back in business!

Our onsite solution can also serve as a stand-in in the event that one of your servers quits functioning, providing the business continuity necessary in today’s connected world. We can actually take the latest good backup and boot it as a virtual server. Your company continues to run from the virtual server, almost as if nothing happened, while waiting for the faulty hardware to be repaired. A server crash, that could normally down your company for days, can now be repaired in a few, short hours.

Add the optional offsite backup and recovery solution with our onsite solution and have complete peace of mind that your business is protected from any potential disaster that may strike your physical location. In the event of a catastrophic disaster at your premises, we have the ability to restart your servers in our datacenter, allowing you to not only resume business operations but also access the necessary data to start filing insurance claims and begin the rebuilding process.

The Eola Tech Backup and Recovery service will allow you to rest easily, knowing your data is safe, secure, and ready to be restored in the event of any kind of catastrophic failure.

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