Industries We Serve

The team at Eola Technology Partners has seen it all when it comes to IT. We’ve helped businesses of all kinds optimize their IT and increase productivity using our tried-and-true methods. However, we also know that certain sectors require additional specialized technological services and compliances (e.g. HIPAA, FINRA) to meet the unique challenges of their operations. Eola Tech’s vast experience and expertise make us uncommonly qualified to serve the following industries.


Hospitality and Retail

Our hospitality and retail clients face unique challenges involving customer facilities and payments. Eola Tech has experience installing and managing POS systems, guest Wi-Fi, conference facilities, and other sector-specific technologies. We’re also experts in PCI compliance and cybersecurity in shared spaces. With optimized IT and amenities that work smoothly, you’ll attract more customers while protecting your business from potential compliance and cybercrime issues.



One of the biggest considerations when managing IT for a healthcare provider is compliance with HIPAA, which we understand inside and out. We help many providers protect their patient data with HIPAA and HITRUST policy and procedure development, compliance audits, and cybersecurity awareness training. Partner with Eola Tech and we’ll protect your patients from privacy concerns and your organization from non-compliance fines.



Much like the healthcare industry, our clients in the financial sector are subject to a myriad of compliance regulations that are intended to protect investors and prevent fraud. Unfortunately, they also have the effect of making a lot more work for finance professionals. Eola Tech Technicians will keep your financial business compliant with all relevant regulations, conduct advanced cybersecurity awareness training, and recommend technology solutions for your unique requirements.


Public Sector

Organizations affiliated with municipal, state, and federal governments have a mountain of regulations to follow when dealing with electronic transmission of data and communication. Eola Tech has experience working with government organizations of all kinds, and we specialize in CJIS Security Policy adherence support as well as cybersecurity awareness training. Our services are perfect for organizations with a tightly controlled budget, or ones that require specialized outsourced support.



Leveraging technology is not only a good way for educational institutions to empower their students, it’s also a substantial channel for additional government funding in many cases. The IT experts at Eola Tech have helped many educational organizations align themselves with the NETP and assisted them with their E-Rate applications. We also offer cybersecurity awareness training for your staff to ensure that your students have a safe digital space in which to learn and explore.